**Warning: You may throw up in your mouth after this post**

First of all, if you're wondering what this is in my hand, let me just tell you. A TOE NAIL. Okay, let me just get straight to the point. I was eating sour patch kids and you know how at the very end there's a huge amount of sugar? Well, I am one of those nasty people who dip their finger in it and lick it off , right? Well, NEVER AGAIN. So I did this.. and I felt something hard in my mouth. And what was it that I found.. not only sugar, but THIS. YES, THIS. A TOE NAIL. If you are wondering why I am writing in caps..because WHO WOULDN'T FREAK OUT OVER A TOE NAIL IN THEIR MOUTH.... THAT IS NOT THEIRS. Eww. Eww. Eww. Okay, I gotta go throw up now.


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